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          2. 以壓力為動力,以質量求生存,以信譽求發展

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            As the large integrated reaction kettle fabrication bese, WHCM fabricated over 1000 sets of reaction kettles (volume over 50L)per year, which are widely used in all kinds of industries: pesticides, chemicals, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, food, daily chemicals, new energy, new materials, environmental protection, textiles, chemical fiber, fuel, defense / military...

            SHIRLEY WONG

            Sales Dept. TEl: +86(0)631 5782500

            Sales Dept. Fax: +86(0)631 5757767

            Mobile: +86 15634365312 (Wechat)

            What's up: +8615634365312?

            E-mail: shirleywong@chemdevice.com

            Skype: 15866894110@163.com

            Add: N0.9, Dongxin Road, Zhangcun Town, Huancui Dist., Weihai City, Shandong

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